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Зміцнені сейфи

Img Sizes of safes
(H*W*D, sm)
(with a shelf in the middle:
2 Х 30*60*40)
Img Lease
from 1 day
Img Rental
from 30 UAH/day


This service is based on the principle of rental a safe in a bank. Safes for 2 keys: ours and the Client`s (in the amount of 2 pcs, which are passed to the Client), duplicates of keys do not exist. You can open the safe only with our and client`s key at the same time.

In order to ensure the confidentiality of things to be stored inside the storage we provide an operating room without video surveillance cameras and a container for things that is put directly into the safe.

To rent a safe, you need your passport, identification code and your presence, as well as photos and the notarized powers of attorney for the persons you want to authorize to have access to the safe.

The rental cost of a safe for the period specified in the contract is 100% pre-paid. The contract is prolonged by the payment of the next period, the duration of which may differ from the one specified in the contract.

Dimensions of reinforced safes (H* W* D, cm):
60*60*40 (with a shelf in the middle – 2 Х 30*60*40)

The advantages of storage in individual safes:

  • Convenient location of the safe in Kyiv, in Desyatynna Street 7, Mykhailivska Square;
  • Rental from 1 day;
  • Providing access to a third party only by the notarized power of attorney;
  • The increased size of the safe (60* 60* 40);
  • Operating room without video surveillance;
  • Non-cash payment to the bank account and in cash (via the terminal, bank transfer).

The safes are certified and located in the fixed premises. Each one with safes and a common room is alarmed.
The storage is provided with physical security 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
Our security partner is the leader of the security services` market “Sheriff” company.
It is possible to order client`s support from / to the address.
The working hours of SAFE BOX are Monday-Friday, from 9.00 till 20.00, except holidays.

Safe Box is Your:

  • Individual safe for documents;
  • Individual safe for cash;
  • Individual safe for valuables;
  • Individual safe for any non-prohibited by Rules things.

It`s forbidden to store the following:

  • Narcotic substances;
  • Weapons, ammunition, explosives, as well as special materials and equipment for their production;
  • Poisonous, toxic, and flammable substances, with a strong smell, including substances in aerosol packing;
  • Radioactive substances and materials, compressed gases, infectious materials and liquids, as well as objects that create strong electric and magnetic fields;
  • Materials and substances that get spoiled in a short time;
  • Other materials, substances and objects that can cause harmful effects on the human body;
  • Property unlawfully removed from the owner, or the right of its ownership is the subject of judicial proceedings.
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