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The idea of creating of non-bank storages of Safe Box appeared out of necessity. We had to rent a safe, and in Kyiv we did not find any free or the terms of rental were unacceptable. The question arose, why can we rent a safe only at bank? In the modern world even rockets of a private firm are already flying into space. Why do you need to accept conditions for the rental of a safety deposit box that in any way do not apply to a safe? You have to open a deposit, or receive a high-level card, or pay insurance that has nothing to do with the security of a rented safe, etc. We decided to open the service that will offer the usual rental terms of the safety deposit box, but on affordable, transparent terms and flexible service.

One of the founders of Safe Box is a partial owner of SVIY SKLAD Company, the first warehouse in Ukraine – self storage – warehouses for individual storage of things, which has been successfully operating in the Ukrainian market since 2014.

Five years ago we received e-mails with dozens of comments with one thought: “You will not succeed in Ukraine.” Because there are balconies/garages, lack of money, distrust, people got used to … But we knew that what is convenient and civil, what is in high demand in Europe and the USA, will be in demand in Ukraine.
We also know that our focus on the rental of individual safes will provide our clients with benefits. Rental of safety boxes is our main service. We focus our attention on its key aspects: security, comfortableness, reliability.

We already offer the rental of a safe without and with contract, provide round the clock protection by means of leaders of the security market, including physical one, our employees work with restricted access and according to the instructions which exclude the possibility of abuse.

At the initiative of our clients we introduced an extension of the working day by arrangement. And we are open to proposals and initiatives which will strengthen these key aspects.