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We are beginning the reorganization

Dear friends!
In response to your persistent requests, we are beginning the reorganization. For almost a year ago we entered the market to become the most convenient and reliable personal storage service in Ukraine. During this period of work we have identified several directions which are particularly important to you:
– Guarantees
– Security
– Convenience
For the next few months we will be working in order to make Safe Box the most attractive personal rental service of safes on the market according to these three factors.

🔸 Guarantees.
You got used to such a service being licensed by the National Bank. The license supports by documents that the security of the premises, safes and the company itself is at an appropriate level. This is the first change we will work on.
There is no individualized insurance in the sphere of personal storage on the market, but your request for it is high. This is the next change we will work on.

In addition to the existing security measures which are one of the best for today, we will work on the using of most up-to-date methods of control and protection. We are already installing a dual round-the-clock electronic security from various security companies with a high reputation. During the reorganization, we will work on the additional use of physical, biometric and neutralization solutions.

🔸 Convenience.
We want to maximum simplify the interaction with you, while enhancing security at the same time. We will work on the use of automatic personalized access systems and review procedures towards simplification on the client side. Besides, we will be expanding the portfolio of our services for the benefit of missing ones on the market now, but that are required by you.

We apologize for the temporary inconveniences. We are changing the working hours to return with a highly improved service.
Thank you for your understanding and trust!

For any questions call:
(099) 513-4400, (097)513-4400